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The Dance Technique of Lester Horton An Advanced Beginner Class (A companion to the book The Dance Technique of Lester Horton) Taught by Ana Marie Forsythe including Improvisation with Marjorie Perces. This DVD was created to show how the Horton studies can be incorporated and taught within a class. The class contains: The Warm Up with Ana Marie Forsythe - Round Over and Round Up - Flat Back Series - Primitive Squat Descent and Ascent - Lateral Stretches - Release Swing Series - Fortification #1 - Prelude #1 - Twists with Open Egyptian Arms - Leg Swings - Leg Swings with Stag Position Balance - Preparation for Deep Forward Lunges - Coccyx Balance Improvisation with Marjorie Perces Center Floor work with Ana Marie Forsythe - Lateral T Study Progressions - Side Hip Pull - Side Hip Pull with Figure 4 Turn - Side Hip Pull with Figure 4 Turn and Lateral T Balance - Single Foot Arch Springs - Single Foot Arch Springs with Stag Jump - Fortification #14 DVD, 90 min., 2006

Dance Technique of Lester Horton- Advanced Beginner Class

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  • An Advanced Beginner Class DVD, 90 min., 2006
  • VWM283
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