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Discovering Your Expressive Body Basic Concepts in Dance Training Utilizing Bartenieff Fundamentals™ With Peggy Hackney Consultant Irmgard Bartenieff This comprehensive demonstration provides a basis for expanded knowledge of movement principles that lead to an articulate, more expressive body. To make the best use of this DVD, work with one section at a time. View, practice, and review. Because awareness of what you are doing is the first step toward change, a partner can offer vital feedback. Observe each other closely. How do your patterns relate to what is demonstrated? Is the mental imagery you are currently using aiding you? Follow the movement principles and let your understanding of your body develop as you explore ways to be more articulate. Peggy Hackney is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst, and nationally known performer. Irmgard Bartenieff (1900-1981) was a student of Rudolf Laban and was one of the first to bring his methods of movement analysis to the U.S. The purpose of her unique approach to body reeducation, Bartenieff Fundamentals™, is to develop dynamic alignment, coordination, strength, flexibility, mobility, kinesthetic awareness, expression, and the reduction of physical stress and injury. Total Body Connectedness Breathing and Hollowing Support Flow and Continuity through the Body Leg Lengthening Verticality Internal Support Vertical Support Standing and Relevé Lower Body Mobility Femoral Joint Flexion Grand Battements Rotation Pliés Upper Body Mobility Port de Bras Diagonal Connections Lower to Upper (Including Arm Circling and Rotation) Movement with Three Spatial Pulls Weight Shift and Propulsion Sagittal Propulsion Sagittal Traveling (Pelvic Shift) Lateral Shift Body Half-Action Spiraling 60 minutes, color

Discovering Your Expressive Body

  • Basic Concepts in Dance Training Utilizing Bartenieff Fundamentals™ DVD 60 min., color, 1989
  • VDH016
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