Firestone Dances: Ballet Highlights Among the treasures from the Voice of Firestone archives are Rudolf Nureyev’s American television solo debut; the legendary team of Jacques D’Amboise and Melissa Hayden; the brilliant Maria Tallchief; Carla Fracci in a rare Pas de quatre set to the music of Pugni; as well as principal dancers of the Royal Danish Ballet and a performance by the Ballet Espanol Ximenes-Vargas. Ballet Espanol Ximenes-Vargas Andalusian Dances 12/2/62 Maria Tallchief Variations after Degas (Music: Debussy; Choreography: Starbuck) 10/14/62 Maria Tallchief and Oleg Tupine Caprice (Music: Rossini, Arr. Britten; Choreography: Pagent) 4/14/63 Rudolph Nureyev Variation from The Sleeping Beauty (Music: Tchaikovsky) 6/2/63 Rudolph Nureyev Variation from Gayne (Music: Khachaturian) 6/2/63 Kirsten Simone and Henning Kronstam Pas de deux from The Sleeping Beauty (Music: Tchaikovsky) 6/9/63 Carla Fracci Variation from Pas de quatre (Music: Pugni : Choreography: Perrot) 11/18/62 Jacques D’Amboise and Melissa Hayden Pas de deux (Music: Tchaikovsky; Choreography: George Balanchine, © The George Balanchine Trust) 12/16/62) Jacques D’Amboise and Melissa Hayden {Pas de deux from Don Quixote (Music: Minkus; Choreography: D’Amboise, after Petipa) 3/10/63 DVD, 49 min., b&w

Firestone Dances

  • Ballet Highlights DVD, 49 min., b&w
  • VKU127

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