Kaguyahime The Moon Princess Performed by the Nederlands Dans Theater Choreography by Jiří Kylián Music composed for traditional Japanese instruments by Maki Ishii This Asian-fusion ballet, loosely based on an ancient Japanese legend, combines both modern and ballet styles. It opens with the conductor and musicians in a silent movement ritual before the music starts. The story is about a beautiful otherworldly girl (the Moon Princess) who rejects five suitors bearing gifts. She is eventually wooed by the Emperor, but she rejects him as well - wishing to bring peace, she only succeeds in provoking conflict. Realizing that she is not a part of the world and certainly not the world of the 21st century (symbolized by a backdrop of automobiles), she returns to her home in the moon and to the mythological past. In the original tale, the Emperor is so distraught that he burns her farewell letter to him on the top of a mountain, which can still be seen as the wisp of smoke emerging from the summit of Mount Fuji. 69 minutes, first DVD release 2010

Kaguyahime The Moon Princess

  • Jiří Kylián - Nederlands Dans Theater
  • VKU176

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