Katia & Volodia: Ekaterina Maximova & Vladimir Vasiliev, A Portrait in Dance Maximova and Vasiliev in a film by Dominique Delouche Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev formed one of ballet’s supreme partnerships in their years as leading dancers with the Bolshoi Ballet. Each brought something distinctive to their individual work. Vasiliev ignited the stage with movie star looks and charisma, and a technique second to none. Maximova was enchanting and charming with the skills of a great actress. That they are husband and wife explains, in part, the unique chemistry of their collaborations. Katia & Volodia is an affectionate tribute to the dancers, with some thrilling performance footage from their stage triumphs as well as scenes of domesticity and coaching sessions with young dancers. Fans of the couple and all lovers of ballet with find much to enjoy in distinguished filmmaker Dominique Delouche’s portrait of these extraordinary performers. DVD bonus: Maximova and Vasiliev in the Balcony Scene from Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet. DVD 58 minutes, color

Katia & Volodia

  • Ekaterina Maximova & Vladimir Vasiliev, A Portrait in Dance
  • VVA418

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