Les Sylphides Choreography by Mikhail Fokine Music: Frederic Chopin Giselle Choreography after Jean Coralli ND Jules Perrot Music: Adolphe Adam These two exceptional performances represent some of the earliest filmed dance material from the BBC archives and feature stellar casts. Les Sylphides: Svetlana Beriosova, Violetta Elvin, Alicia Markova, John Field in a 1953 recording. Giselle: Nadia Nerina, Nikolai Fadeyechev, Niels Bjørn Larsen, Lydia Sokolova, Margaret Hill, Julia Farron, Alfred Rodrigues, Peter Wright in a 1958 recording. DVD 94 min., subtitles and French and German

Les Sylphides / Giselle

  • Les Sylphides: Chor. by Mikhail Fokine • Giselle: Chor. after Jean Coralli ND Jules Perrot • 94 min
  • VNX057

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