Margot Fonteyn: A Portrait Until 1989, Margot Fonteyn steadfastly refused to take part in any biographical television program, when at last producer Patricia Foy persuaded the much-loved ballerina to tell the full story of her life. This exclusive portrait, made two years before her death, is the only personal account of her life and career that exists on film. She was filmed at home in Panama where she looked back on her past from her first dancing lesson, when she was four years old, through the career that took her to the peak of world acclaim and recognition. Her life was full of romance and adventure, and it seemed incredible that this dignified ballerina should, at one time, have found herself at the center of political intrigue and revolution. Fonteyn presents this program herself as she recalls events both professional and personal that made up the pattern of her life. 88 min., first DVD release 2013

Margot Fonteyn: A Portrait

  • 88 min., first DVD release 2013
  • VKU219

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