Peer Gynt Choreography by Heinz Spoerli With the Zurich Ballet, Zurich Opera Orchestra and Chorus Music by Edvard Grieg, with Additional Music by Mark-Anthony Turnage and Brett Dean Based on Ibsen’s play, Heinz Spoerli’s choreography gives a contemporary twist to the story by employing two different dance styles: classical for Grieg’s music and a modern, expressive style to input from composers Turnage and Dean. Thus the 30 episodes unfold both as narrative and as visualizing Peer Gynt’s mindset, giving expression to his confusion in facing different circumstances. Particularly poignant are the dramatic stagings of The Death of Ase and Solveig’s Song. A helpful booklet provides a synopsis and list of scenes. 110 minutes, 2009, all regions

Peer Gynt

  • Zurich Ballet, Zurich Opera Orchestra and Chorus 110 minutes, 2009
  • VNX111

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