Pilates for Dancers Pilates for Dancers is designed for anyone and everyone who would like to attain the dancer’s body. Pilates for Dancers was born of the idea that the dancer’s body and physique is beautiful, graceful, and lithe. At the same time, it is an attainable beauty, given the proper exercise routine and discipline. This video has a great, limbering warm up routine, followed by over 20 explicitly broken down, step-by-step, instructions that anyone can follow. This video progresses in stages so that even absolute beginners will have no problem getting a complete and invigorating workout. Geared towards beginners and intermediates, a lot of time is spent on explanation and proper repetition. Multiple angles make sure you don’t miss any of the important alignment, or subtle movements. DVD, 100 min., 2006

Pilates for Dancers

  • DVD, 100 min., 2006
  • VWM285

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