The Flames of Paris Choreography by Alexei 
Ratmansky with the use of additional choreography by 
Vasily Vaynonen Performed by The Bolshoi Ballet, with Natalia Osipova and Ivan 
Vasiliev Music by Boris 
Asafiev 16-page color booklet in English, French, and German included This Soviet-era ballet, first performed in 1932 and re-choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky in 2010, is about the French Revolution. Beginning in Marseille, it moves to Paris with the storming of the Tuileries, and the guillotine as aristocrats are executed. Bonus feature includes interviews and rehearsals with Natalia Osipova, Ivan 
Vasiliev, and Alexei 
Ratmansky. 124 minutes 2010

The Flames of Paris

  • The Bolshoi Ballet, Choreography by Alexei 
  • VNX052

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