Dance master Abdoulaye Camara of Guinea, West Africa, teaches five traditional dances and sings several songs in his native Sousou language. The name and origin of the dance are given, then the dance (Yole, KuKu, Triba, Mandiani, and Telefone) is taught from the back, broken down into simple steps that are subsequently combined to form the dance which is performed. This method is very effective, keeping energy at a good level. Most of the film was made in southern California, but the DVD includes bonus material of several segments of drumming, dancing and village life filmed in Guinea. Three songs are included with words and translation. For music and movement educators, fitness instructors and music and dance enthusiasts of all ages.

West African Dance DVD, Vol.1

  • Abdoulaye Camara Teaches Five West African Choreographies DVD 105 min., color, 2004
  • VGF225

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