West African Dance, Vol. 2 with Abdoulaye Camara Co-produced by Nikola Clay Abdoulaye Camara teaches five more choreographies from Guinea, West Africa in an easy to learn, step by step format. Included within the DVD are songs for each dance with words and translation. Kassa - A traditional Malinke rhythm from Upper Guinea played at all events linked to harvest as well as to encourage farmers as they plant and harvest their crops. Soli - From the Malinke ethnic group, traditionally used during the ritual that proceeds a boy‚s initiation into manhood. Sinte - From the Susu ethnic group of coastal Guinea, danced all year round at various village gatherings. Soko - Traditional rhythm of the Komanko people of Guinea’s Faranah region, originally used in male initiation but now popular throughout Guinea for weddings and other ceremonies. Yamama - From the Susu ethnic group, also called "Mamaya". The women of the village get together once a year to honor the female spirit of Yamama. On this occasion they will ask her for whatever they will need in the coming year.

West African Dance DVD, Vol. 2

  • with Abdoulaye Camara Co-produced by Nikola Clay
  • VGF231

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