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Anatomy, Movement Analysis, Conditioning  by Gayanne Grossman

Through an understanding of anatomy and analysis of each movement, dancers will appreciate and take ownership of their bodies, which in turn will decrease injury. This easily understood book presents anatomy and motion in a dance-specific way.


Part One presents the specific characteristics that affect motion in each individual joint.


Part Two discusses muscles that produce movement and teach you to analyze movement.


Part Three, conditioning, provides a practical approach to exercise for enhanced performance. An essential book, beautifully illustrated.


ISBN: 9780871274038   $34.95


Insights into History, Culture and Creativity  

Myron Howard Nadel, Marc Raymond Strauss  

Providing an understanding of the history, evolution, and universality of dance as an art form, this guidebook explores the significance of dance in culture, the relationship of dance to other art forms, the contributions of great pioneering choreographers, dancers, and teachers, and the creative process. Highlighting an extensive range of types of dance—including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, folk, ethnic, and social—this comprehensive collection features a variety of engaging essays written by experts in their respective fields. Students of dance, professionals, instructors, and enthusiasts will learn what to look for during a performance, and how to appreciate dance styles from around the world. This newly revised edition includes five new chapters and an extensive, annotated appendix of film resources giving helpful suggestions for viewing that will enhance the dance experience.


ISBN: 9780871274021   $34.95


A Concise History. Third Edition. Jack Anderson

Ballet & Modern Dance, 3rd Edition Jack Anderson Ballet & Modern Dance, Third Edition meets the needs of both students and inquisitive dance goers through a narrative focused on the development of Western theatrical dance from the Renaissance through the first decades of the 21st century, incorporating the most recent scholarship and projecting trends. The text is illuminated by excerpts from primary sources and embellished with 65 photos and drawings. A section of biographical profiles at the end of the book serves as a supplementary reference source. A new chapter "Ongoing Explorations" points the way to the future of dance. This edition has been updated with revisions to Chapters 8, 9, and 10, new Chapters 11 and 12, updated Short Profiles, updated Bibliography, and many new photographs. The Author, Jack Anderson, is a dance critic for The New York Times, correspondent for the Dancing Times of London, co-editor of Dance Chronicle, author the The Nutcracker Ballet and The One and Only:The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, as well as eight books of poetry .


Table of Contents:

1.The Pleasures of Dance History

2. Glimpses of the Past

3. Dance at the Royal Courts

4. The Professionalization of Ballet

5. The Sunshine and Moonlight of Romantic Ballet

6. The Imperial Russian Ballet

7. Balletic Astonishments

8. The Rise of American Ballet

9. The Phoenix of Modern Dance

10. Ballet Around the World

11. International Contemporary Dance

12 Ongoing Explorations


ISBN: 9780871274014  $34.95


Harriet Lihs and The Editors of Dance Horizons

Appreciating Dance, 5th Edition is a thorough and accurate history of various forms of dance, analyzing everything from social dance and ballet and modern dance to tap, jazz, theatrical dance and contemporary dance. In it readers will find a brief biography of notable dancers and choreographers, information needed to expand the enjoyment of performance; the intersection of dance and religion; the history of dance through the beginning of the 21st century; and budding dance trends. Each chapter in this fifth edition has been updated and revised with new information, suggestions for YouTube viewing, and discussion questions.

Table of Contents

1. Definitions and Origins
2. Dance and Religion
3. Social Dance
4. The Development of Ballet: From the Royal Courts to Theatrical Dance
5. Modern Dance
6. The American Originals: Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Television and Film Dance
7. Dance in the 21st Century
8. A Dancer's World: Careers and Concerns

ISBN 9780871273994 $39.95


by Ted Shawn

Ground-breaking dancer and choreographer Ted Shawn writes about Delsarte’s life and philosophy, his science of applied aesthetics, the application of this science to the art of dance, and influence of Delsarte on American dance.

François Delsarte (1811-1871) discovered principles that demonstrate that the body gives form to feeling and, therefore, to meaning. “Gesture,” he said, “is the direct agent of the heart.” Important to dancers is the way emotional states are reflected in gesture, movements, shape of the body, and facial contours, which are described and illustrated in this book. Shawn writes: “From my first introduction to Delsarte’s principles and laws in 1914, I have consciously used and applied them in all my work as dancer, choreographer, and teacher.”

1. François Delsarte, The Man and His Philosophy
2. A Statement of the Laws of Delsarte’s Philosophy
3. Application of These Laws to the Art of the Dance
4. The Influence of Delsarte on American Dance
Appendix: Bibliography with Commentary

The Author
Ted Shawn (1891-1972) has been called the “Father of American Dance.” With Ruth St. Denis he founded the Denishawn Company and school in 1915, and in 1931 founded Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, which continues today. His Men’s Group, which he established in 1933, sought to overcome the prevailing prejudice against male dancers.

127 pages

ISBN 9780871273932 $9.99


By Marc Raymond Strauss
With Myron Howard Nadel

A decade-by-decade approach to the 20th and 21st centuries, covering more than 110 choreographers, companies, institutions, and dancers from both modern dance and ballet, and over 220 search addresses. Ideal for use in smart classrooms where, with the pressing of a few keys, teachers can present clips of dances from the Internet to illustrate the text and supplement their lectures. A videography for each chapter provides information for viewing complete works and documentaries.

208 pages

ISBN 9780871273819 $24.99


Mary McAuliffe

Paris Discovered is a collection of 50 probing chapters intended for armchair travelers and visitors to the City of Light. Digging deep into Paris' memories, the author has discovered patterns of the past that have left tangible imprints on the city today. McAuliffe explores Paris through space and time, from the top of Notre Dame to the medieval aqueducts that still lie beneath its streets; from the Impressionists' Path to the barricades of Les Miserables; from Abélard and Héloïse to Napoleon; from the antiques of Village Saint-Paul to the new hot spot for shopping, Viaduc des Arts. She unearths the Paris that charmed Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in the eighteenth century - and George Gershwin and Ernest Hemingway in the twentieth century.

320 pages

ISBN 9780871273710 $14.95


The gripping story of the men and women of Emergency Medical Services who make the streets of the city their career
Francis J. Rella, NREMT-P

September 11, 2001 attacks and aftermath written by a paramedic. Starting just before the attack on the World Trade Center, the book follows Rella’s paramedic crew from their station at St. Vincent’s Hospital in lower Manhattan and depicts the day-to-day lives of medics in America’s largest city. The book contains real-life dialogue and speaks with a realism that comes only from personal experience

224 pages

ISBN 9780871273680 $11.95


Gertrude Shurr
and Rachael Dunaven Yocom

The first book to be published documenting Martha Graham's movement technique and vocabulary, as recorded by Graham's original followers. The text, intended for dance educators and students, discusses the principles of modern dance technique and training, illustrated throughout with black and white photographs. The book is divided into three sections: Dance Warm-ups: Floor and Standing; Dance Exercises: Floor and Standing; Dance Techniques: Floor, Standing and Space.

39 illustrations 202 pages, first published 1949

ISBN 9780871272690 $11.95


As Practiced in the School of the Dance Theatre of Harlem

Karel Shook


and Other Statements on Dance

Erick Hawkins

A collection of ten intelligent, lyrical essays that serve as a testament to Erick Hawkins' long career in dance. Essay titles are: The Rite in Theatre; Theatre Structure for a New Dance Poetry; Modern Dance as a Voyage of Discovery; Questions and Answers; The Body is a Clear Place; My Love Affair with Music; Inmost Heaven, or The Normative Ideal; Dance as a Metaphor of Existence; The Principle of a Thing; Art in Its Second Function.

12 illustrations 178 pages, first published 1992

Princeton Book Company, Publishers



Be The First To Know


Ernestine Stodelle

Paying respect to the work of American modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey, this publication was the first documentation in book format of her movement theories, presented and analyzed by a first-generation disciple.

The book is divided into four parts: The Background of the Technique; The Technique as Practice; The Creative Potential of the Technique; and Epilogue, analyzing the choreographic concepts underlying Air for the G String, La Valse, Two Ecstatic Themes and Passacaglia.

21 illustrations 283 pages, first published 1965

ISBN 9780871272782 $19.95


A Portrait of José Limón in Words and Pictures

Barbara Pollack and Charles Humphrey Woodford

Dance is a Moment captures Lim�n�s personality and achievements through a combination of narrative, direct quotations and stunning photography.

The portrait is divided according to the spheres of his life: Part I (Life) and Part II (Work), focusing on one of his most famous dance compositions, There is a Time.

52 illustrations 111 pages, first published 1993

ISBN 9780871272775 $9.95


The Science and Art of Ballet

Anna Paskevska

Both Sides of the Mirror starts with the premise that skeletal equilibrium promotes harmonious musculature, which in turn makes harmonious movement possible. This second edition, published in 1992, incorporates kinesiology, biomechanics and physiology into the theories of ballet.

Chapters include: Introduction: A Personal Statement; Physical Requirements; Posture and Placement; Progression of Training; Sequence of a Ballet Class; Barre Work; Positions; Port de Bras and Arabesques; Weight Transference and Jumps; Principles of Turning; Pointe Work; Style; Classical and Modern Dance.

210 pages, first published 1992

ISBN 9780871272799 $14.95


Diane Lynch Fraser

Playdancing is a creative movement program developed to foster confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills in children aged three to eight. The book is written primarily for teachers' use in the classroom. The book is geared toward educators and the activities do not require experience with dance. The only prerequisite for its contents is a desire to discover the creative potential children possess and to guide them in their ability to utilize their creativity.

Playdancing discusses the developmental stages of early childhood and the specific skills necessary for creativity to flourish. Lesson plans and examples of activities are outlined for each stage of development.

ISBN 9780871271525 $10.95


The Pavan, Minuet, Galliard, Allemand, and 10 Other Early Dance Forms
Louis Horst

Pre-Classic Dance Forms supplies its readers with complete historical descriptions of 16th and 17th century dances. For the student of music and dance, Horst offers a brief, readable introduction to this important era of dancing and its customs and styles and shows how the early dances influenced the growth of modern dance in this century.

Through examining the past and applying it to his times, Horst gives modern dancers new ways to study movement. As Janet Soares remarks in the Foreword to Horst's text, "By returning to a time when court composers wrote specifically for dance, Horst felt that a renewed independence could emerge with dance taking a predominant position." A well-respected text when originally published in 1937, Pre-Classic Dance Forms remains an important resource for students, choreographers, stages directors, dance historians and musicologists.

ISBN: 9780871272768 $10.95


Margaret Lloyd

What is "modern dance" and how does it differ from ballet and other forms of theatrical dancing-who made it what it is? These questions and their answers are the subjects around which Margaret Lloyd has written a unique and endlessly entertaining book.

Originally published in 1949, The Borzoi Book of Modern Dance captures the beginnings of modern dance history fresh from its inception. Margaret Lloyd creates a detailed, witty and insightful overview of the art form in its early stages. The book is organized by individuals and then branches into documentation of important subcategories of dance (subsidizing; humanizing dance; forms of documentation).


ISBN: 9780871272751 $14.95


John Martin

Although originally published in 1965, this edition of The Dance in Theory was republished in 1989 as the same text with a new introduction by Jack Anderson. The Dance in Theory reprints the first third of John Martin's seminal 1939 book, Introduction to the Dance. It presents Martin's analysis of the theoretical underpinnings of modern dance, including a discussion of the nature of movement, form and composition, and the basis of style.

In clear and simple terms, Martin helps us to understand how dances are made and gives us knowledge to view the dance with the intelligence and open perspective it deserves. The content of The Dance in Theory is divided into three sections: The Nature of Movement; Form and Composition; The Basis of Style.


ISBN: 9780871272737 $9.95


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