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Ballet Class with Venti Petrov Vol. 2 contains 1 DVD of a complete, master ballet class and 1 CD of all the music used in the class. Ballet Class with Venti Petrov Vol. 2 is a unique production. It is creative, instructive, artistic and enjoyable to watch. This DVD presents a complete ballet class from the beginning barre to the ending reverence. It offers a particularly sound preparation for the ballet student who aspires to become a professional dancer. Every combination is performed in the grand classical tradition. It includes complete barre exercises, exercises at the center, small jumps, medium jumps, and big jumps. These are the movements that create the strength and flexibility of a future dancer and the elegant grace with which she moves. There are 53 combinations in all - for intermediate and advanced levels. The featured dancer in the DVD, Oksana Maslova, is a superbly talented ballerina from Ukraine. The bonus CD includes extra long tracks of all the music used in the class. The music used in this DVD is a unique compilation of specially arranged gypsy and folk music. This one of a kind CD has been created in collaboration with world class ballet accompanist and composer, Olga Merson.

Ballet Class with Venti Petrov- Vol 2

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  • 888295086547

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