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Written for dancers – student and professional, teachers, and parents by a dance medicine specialist, this exciting new book will quickly become indispensible because of its concise information about health, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and the treatment of common problems. Designed as a tour of the body from head to toe, it includes advice specific to dancers’ well-being, such as 
body awareness and self-image, diet and eating 
disorders, whiplash, 
stress fractures, turn-out, and painful and 
damaged knees, feet, and toes; and the excellent five critical things to know and 
five great exercises for each part of the body at the end of each chapter. With a nearly 100% chance of sustaining injury in a lifetime of dance, this book shows how dancers can keep on dancing by knowing how the body functions and recognizing conditions that require a medical professional. Profusely illustrated with drawings and with radiographic images from Thomas 
Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, the book’s visual appeal is enhanced by stunning performance photographs of leading members of the Pennsylvania Ballet. The author: Judith R. Peterson, M.D., was the attending physician to the Pennsylvania Ballet for ten years. She is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and is certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation by the American Board of Medical Specialties. After graduating from Harvard University, she received her medical degree from Weill Cornell School of Medicine and did residency training at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, an affiliate of Northwestern 
University. 182 pages paperbound

Dance Medicine: Head to Toe (paperback)

SKU: PBC00375
  • A Dancer’s Guide to Health by Judith R. Peterson, M.D.
  • PBC00375
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