Dance Science Anatomy, Movement Analysis, Conditioning Gayanne Grossman, P.T., Ed.M. For students of human movement, kinesiology, dance science, and dancers, this book takes a positive approach to what a dancer can do to dance better through an understanding of anatomy and an analysis of movement which, in turn, will decrease injury rates. It presents anatomy and motion in a dance-specific way that teaches readers to appreciate and take ownership of their bodies. Part One: Anatomy describes the specific characteristics that affect motion at each individual joint, demonstrated by a variety of hands-on activities. Part Two: Movement Analysis discusses muscles that produce movement and introduces the reader to a system of movement analysis. Part Three: Conditioning provides a practical, integrative approach to exercise for enhanced performance. Contents Dedication Preface Part One: The Anatomy and Biomechanics of Dance: Understanding the function of the bones, collagen, cartilage, ligaments and joints 1. Introduction to Anatomy 2. Foot and Ankle 3. Knee and Patella 4. Hip and Pelvis 5. Spine 6. Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle 7. Elbow and Hand Part Two: Muscular Control and Movement Analysis 8. Introduction to Muscles and their Reflexes: Micro and Macroscopic Anatomy 9. Foot and Leg Muscles 10. Knee Muscles 11. Hip and Trunk Muscles 12. Breathing 13. Shoulder and Scapular Muscles 14. Forearm and Hand Muscles Part Three: The Science of Exercise, Musculoskeletal Assessment, and Conditioning 15. Musculoskeletal Assessment and Conditioning 16. Designing an Efficient and Effective Performance Enhancement Program Appendix Afterword Index "Ideally suited for college-aged dancers, it serves as a good introduction that orients the reader to his or her body while at the same time introduces scientific concepts and vocabulary. The practical and experiential activities alone make this book an invaluable part of any dancer’s or dance teacher’s library." - Margaret Wilson, Associate Professor, University of Wyoming "A spectacular contribution to the field! Filled with wonderful imagery and clear examples. It is a “must read” for dance teachers everywhere and a highly accessible text for students." - Jane Baas, Chair, Department of Dance, Western Michigan University "Written for dancers by a dance physical therapist and teacher who trained as a dancer. Readers will find the skills it teaches and the advice it offers relevant, helpful and easy to use." - Tom Welsh, Dance Faculty, Florida State University About the Author: Gayanne Grossman (Ed.M. in Dance, Temple University) received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Utah. She is currently Director of Dance Wellness at Muhlenberg College and physical therapist for the Lehigh Valley Health Network. Her multifaceted career has included serving on the Board of Directors of IADMS, teaching, performance, presentations, publishing in numerous professional journals, and as physical therapist to the Temple University Dance Program, Pennsylvania Ballet and Marriott Center for Dance, University of Utah. About the Illustrator: Timothy Phelps is Assistant Director and Associate Professor in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has been illustrating medicine and science for thirty years and has received more than forty regional and national awards for his artwork. Mr. Phelps has received 2 awards for his illustrations in Dance Science.

Dance Science (paperback)

  • Gayanne Grossman, P.T., Ed.M. 320 pages, 90 anatomical drawings, 30 photographs, 3 graphs Paperbound, 7 x 10, ISBN 978-087127-388-8 Teachers of courses enrolling 10 or more students may request an examination copy at
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