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Performed by the José Limón Dance Company Choreographed by Doris Humphrey Ritmo Jondo To tantalizing Spanish rhythms, a band of assertive men present themselves to a group of admiring women. They court them with sweeping abandon – and then leave them to attend to more urgent matters. With its swirling, cascading motions for the women and vibrating, thrusting steps and gestures for the men, this work sets up a counterpoint of masculinity and femininity. Day on Earth This is Doris Humphrey’s tribute to the universal cycle of human life: work, love, birth, parenting, loss, death, and continuity. It opens with a tableau inspired by a Henry Moore sculpture of the three main characters: a man, a first love, and a mature love. The fourth. a child, is concealed under a cloth. The cloth symbolizes the mother’s work, which she carefully folds and lies her head upon at the end of the piece – her work done. At the conclusion the child is centered above the others as they fade into darkness.

Dance Works of Doris Humphrey Part 2: Ritmo Jondo/Day On Earth

  • Jose Limon Dance Company DVD 40 min., color, 1999
  • VDH015
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