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Inner Focus Outer Strength Using Imagery and Exercise for Health, Strength and Beauty by Eric Franklin The mental technique of imagery—demonstrated, for example, when a dancer pictures a sunflower reaching toward the sun as he/she stretches upward—is thoroughly explained in this guide to daily stress-relieving routines. Movement, coordination, flexibility, and posture are all external characteristics that can be improved significantly with a strong inner focus. Good mental health through imagery can benefit circulation, breathing and even individual body cells.

Practical advice—how to choose and use an assortment of personal mental images, how to use tricks such as “mental recycling,” and how to set up an imagined “portable fitness studio”—can be used stress-inducing dead time waiting in line, climbing stairs, sitting in an airplane seat, talking on the telephone, or running the vacuum cleaner.

Inner Focus Outer Strength

SKU: ELY00820
  • 128 pages, paperbound, 7-1/2” x 9-1/4” ISBN 0-87127-288-1 ISBN-13 978-0-87127-288-1
  • ELY00820
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