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Introduction to Modern Dance Techniques Cunningham, Dunham, Graham, Hawkins, Humphrey, Limon, Nikolais/Louis, Taylor by Joshua Legg Bringing together all of the major modern dance techniques, this engaging account is the first of its kind. The discussion starts with the contributions of the pre-moderns, Delsarte, Dalcroze, Duncan, and Denishawn, and concludes with training in the present era. It provides a comparative approach that will enable students to try each technique with sample lessons and to contrast the different philosophies. The author pairs Martha Graham with Doris Humphrey, Katherine Dunham with Lester Horton, José Limón with Erick Hawkins, Alwin Nikolais/Murray Louis with Merce Cunningham. Paul Taylor has his own chapter, leading to the book’s conclusion on how modern dance training is currently approached. The purpose is to examine a broad spectrum of classic modern techniques and to provide practical studio applications. The techniques are placed within historical and cultural contexts, so that we see the interconnectedness of choreography with history. The book is divided into teaching units, with each chapter pairing compatible or contrasting training systems. Each unit contains
core ideas, a series of journaling and discussion topics, and experiments in improvisation; technical genesis which includes biographical sketches on the choreographers with brief discussions of their choreographies and companies, and a presentation of class material; 
final questions and experiments address basic ideas that students can use to further their understanding of the material presented in the unit. Table of Contents Introduction 1. The Expressionists: François Delsarte, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, Isadora Duncan, Denishawn 2. The Originators: Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey 3. The Mavericks: Katherine Dunham, Lester Horton 4. The Next Generation: José Limón,Erick Hawkins 5. The Avant-Garde : Alwin Nikolais nnd Murray Louis, 
Merce Cunningham 6. Postmodernism: Paul Taylor 7. Post-Judson Training Practices Appendices: A. Economy of Movement B. Improving Your 
Improv. C. Somatics and the Dance Technique Class The Author Joshua Legg is a performer, choreographer, director and writer whose teaching credits include Harvard University (where he received a Certificate of Distinction in Teaching), Suffolk University, Northwestern State University of Louisiana and Shenandoah Conservatory (where he received an MFA). He has served as a master teacher and guest lecture/speaker for ACDFA conferences, ADF’s Paul Taylor Institute, the Dance Teacher Summit and various universities. Introduction to Modern Dance Techniques grew out of his writing for Dance Teacher and Dance Spirit magazines. Joshua is an associate member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. 264 pages paperbound ISBN 9780871273253 (Pre-Publication Price $24.95) Teachers of courses enrolling 10 or more students may order 60-day examination copies on our website by noting “examination copy” under Special Instructions or by phoning 800-220-7149, emailing, or faxing to 609-426-1344.

Introduction to Modern Dance Techniques

  • Cunningham, Dunham, Graham, Hawkins, Humphrey, Limon, Nikolais/Louis, Taylor by Joshua Legg 264 pages paperbound ISBN 9780871273253
  • PBC00809
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