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Manhattan Medics The gripping story of the men and women of Emergency Medical Services who make the streets of the city their career Francis J. Rella, NREMT-P This is the only first-hand account of the September 11, 2001 attacks and aftermath written by a paramedic. Starting just before the attack on the World Trade Center, the book follows Rella’s paramedic crew from their station at St. Vincent’s Hospital in lower Manhattan and depicts the day-to-day lives of medics in America’s largest city. The book contains real-life dialogue and speaks with a realism that comes only from personal experience. Elysian Editions

Manhattan Medics (Hardcover)

SKU: ELY01141
  • 176 pages, hardbound, paperbound, 6” x 9” Afterword, Appendix, Epilogue, Glossary Hardbound ISBN 0-87127-258-X ISBN-13 978-0-87127-258-4
  • ELY01141
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