This DVD documents Murray Louis' extraordinary career as a dance soloist, drawing on choreography from his first concert in 1953 to today. Louis has carefully selected material to give viewers a wide range of his personal style, from the comic to the serious. Includes new interviews with Louis about the evolution of his work. None of this studio and live performance footage has been previously released on film or video.


PROGRAM: Deja Vu (Opening Dance) - 1976 Haiku (I and III) - 1979 Chimera (Fourth Dance) - 1966 Belonging to the Moon - 1957 Junk Dances (Solo) - 1964, rec. 1982 Antechamber - 1953 Journal (Opening Dance) - 1957, rec. 1972 Index . . . (To necessary neurosis): Hysteria - 1973, rec. 1974 The Disenchantment of Pierrot (excerpt) - 1986, rec. 1987 Harmonica Suite (I, II) and III) - 1956 Index . . . (To necessary neurosis): Greed - 1973 Deja Vu (Final Dance) - 1976 All works recorded 1980, except as noted, and choreographed as shown 52 minutes

Murray Louis in Concert

  • Dance Solos Choreography by Murray Louis
  • VDH037

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