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The Art of Making Dances By Doris Humphrey This influential book on choreography completed shortly before Humphrey’s death in 1958, is a lucid and practical text that has inspired generations of choreographers and budding choreographers. It is a gathering of her experiences as a choreographer and as a teacher of choreography. It begins with a short history of dance from her point of view as modern dancer and proceeds to chapters on subject matter, design, dynamics, rhythm, motivation and gesture, words, sets and props, music, and form. Assignments derived from her groundbreaking choreography course at New York’s 92nd Street YMHA conclude each chapter.

The Art of Making Dances

SKU: PBC00014
  • Doris Humphrey 198 pages, paperbound, 6” x 9” ISBN 0-87127-158-3 ISBN-13 978-0-87127-158-7
  • PBC00014
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