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The only book that answers all your questions about one of the world’s most beautiful art forms! Questions like “when is the right time to go on pointe?” “How can I make my pointe shoes last longer?” “What is my future – college or company auditions (with complete lists of each)?” “Who are the best dance orthopedists and physical therapists, and where in the country are they?” And much more: entire sample classes, exciting interviews with star ballerinas, remedies and therapies for injuries and medical problems, and most important: where to buy, how to select, fit, prepare, and care for your pointe shoes.



Janice Barringer danced professionally for more than twenty-five years, and now teaches, choreographs, writes and creates classroom CD’s and instructional DVDs. She has written articles for Dancer, Pointe, Dance, Dance Teacher, and Dance Spirit Magazines. She is also the coauthor with Thalia Mara of On Pointe. Barringer has served on the faculty of the American Dance Center, Ballet Hispanico, Harkness House, Steps on Broadway, and is now is a  professor of dance at Pace University.


Sarah Schlesinger is Associate Dean of Performing Arts and Chair of the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She has owned and operated Dance-theatre shops that specialize in fitting pointe shoes.



The Pointe Book, 4th Edition

SKU: PBC01555
  • Everything you need to know about pointe

    shoes in this thoroughly revised edition.

    ISBN 9780871273987

    463 pages, 6 illustrations, sample classes.


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