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DNBDAY ON EARTH (1947) (Copland)
2 women, 1 man, 1 child; 20 minutes

The age-old cycle of work, love, birth, companionship, loss, death, and continuation, Day On Earth is the telling of man’s brief passage on earth, a world of experience condensed into a spare form. “Shown are life’s joys and its trials—the warmth of love and family dependence, the anguish of leave-taking and of death: a saga at once cosmic and intimate.” - John Mueller.

DNBINVENTION (1949) (Lloyd)
2 women, 1 man; 12 minutes
Invention is a pure dance piece, rich in ideas that are charmingly developed, consisting of a solo, two duets, and a trio. “One can look at Invention as the depiction of changes in a man’s personality brought about by two different women; or the work can be viewed for its structure alone—long, sweeping lines of undistorted dance, interestingly broken rhythmically.” - Doris Hering.

1 woman, 1 man, 1 actress; 24 minutes
Inspired by the poem of the same title by Federico Garcia Lorca, movement and spoken text are woven together as the characters relive the events of a fateful day in the life of the bullfighter. The drama is portrayed by the Figure of a Woman (a witness and mourner), the Figure of Destiny, and Ignacio (the contender in the bullring). Powerfully moving, the drama is intended to signify the struggle of all men of courage and the fate to which they must go alone

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